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Boot Camps for Teens

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Short-term and long-term boot camps have helped thousands of teens in the past. Duration of a boot camp is anywhere from two weeks to one year. The cost of a boot camp is usually $2,500 to $5,000 per month. Some do offer types of financial aid (student loan) Payments can be as low as $400 per month.

Short-term boot camps typically operate between May and August while a long-term boot camp accepts new cadets year-round during any month. A long-term boot camp is not just drill and exercise for the entire time. They usually start with a boot camp schedule the first couple of months, and then turn into more of a military based boarding school where cadets can do high school academics, college prep courses, and learn other life skills as well. Activities at a boot camp may include: drills, military exercises, physical training, service projects, cooking, first-aid training, sports, and academics. (A short-term boot camp does not offer academics) Browse Pictures

Boot camps usually accept students with all of the following:
Teens from the ages 12-18
Teens who are falling behind in school
Teens using drug or alcohol
Teens that are defiant or resist authority
Teens with minor legal problems

Most boot camps are geared towards behavior modification. There is a consequence for any bad choice a teen may make, and he/she is redirected, helping the teen make better choices. Teen boot camps are effective in fixing attitude problems as well as helping teens with emotional growth. A Boot camp will get teens away from old friends, attitudes, habits and behaviors. They are able to start developing new choices, attitudes and behaviors. Teens learn that smart choices lead to good rewards.

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Other Types of Programs to Help Troubled Teens

A youth boot camp is not always the best place to send your teen. There are many types of troubled teens with many different problems. It is impossible for just one solution to cover such a wide range of adolescent problems. This is why we also offer alternatives to boot camps such as the ones listed below.
Wilderness Programs   Boarding Schools
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