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Boarding Schools in General

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Not only are there hundreds of boarding schools in the United States but there are many different types as well. Boarding schools can range from military boarding schools to therapeutic boarding schools to Christian boarding schools. Most boarding schools are NOT geared toward helping troubled teens. Boarding schools that accept troubled teens are almost always higher in price. They range in price between $2,000 to $4,500.
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Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens
Some boarding schools for troubled teens are very similar to traditional boarding schools, with the additions of a more structured setting and supervision, therapy or counseling, and creative activities that emphasize positive behavior, personal responsibility, and meeting personal goals of excellence.

Some Programs are centered around helping teens with certain problems, such as adolescents with substance abuse (alcohol and/or drugs), emotional problems, and other issues such as depression and oppositional defiant disorders. Many of these boarding schools will specialize in learning disabilities such as dyslexia ADHD, ADD, and ODD.

These programs can be an excellent place for teenagers whose parents know their teenager needs intervention for behavior or emotional problems and do not want their child to slip behind in school. Academics as well as behavioral change are a major focus for these specialty boarding schools. Troubled teens often learn new skills and strategies to approach school work, turning around a history of failing school or performing below abilities. All teens have the ability to succeed and these boarding schools can help them.
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The Traditional Boarding Schools
Most traditionl boarding schools are not meant for troubled teens and most will not accept a troubled teen. Educational enrichment is the cornerstone of the traditional boarding school. Founded on the premise of preparing students scholastically for college, traditional boarding institutions place much value on academic and/or athletic success, and require a certain performance level from their student population. Adolescents are expected to be motivated, accomplished, and willing to take advantage of the opportunities available to them, and much emphasis is placed on long standing personal character and integrity. Acceptance into traditional programs is usually based on academic and intellectual promise, and students must exhibit enthusiasm and a strong desire to contribute to campus life. Students who attend such programs are bright, motivated, and responsible, with few behavior problems or issues. Expectations are high, and tolerance for acting out behaviors is low.

The Christian and military boarding schools are very similar. The main differences being: a Christian boarding school is more focused on religious services (Studying the Bible, spiritual growth) and military boarding schools are more strict, more physical and in many cases have a schedule similar to a boot camp. The majority of these schools will not accept a troubled teen.
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