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troubled teen boot camps and schools in U.S.A
Map Shows Locations of Boot camps and Schools In and around the U.S.A.
boot camp sargent If you are searching for boot camps or some other type of placement program for a troubled teen, we invite you to explore this web site. You will receive help and information about teen boot camps as well as alternatives to a boot camp such as; boarding schools, wilderness programs, military schools, and therapeutic programs.

We work very closely with these boot camps and schools and we can help find one that will best suit the needs of your teen. Click here today and let us help you find the program that is right for your teen. If you would like us to contact you please fill out our contact form.

What are boot camps?

Types of boot camps?

Boot camps are military-style institutions for defiant and disrespectful teens who have a problem with authority. They learn discipline and structure through military exercises, and rigorous physical training.

Boot camps are becoming very popular. In the 60?s and 70?s military school was where parents looked to send a teen who was defiant and needed a change of life. Today, military schools are more selective as to whom they will and won't take. Because of this change, boot camps are where parents are looking to send their teens.

There are many types of boot camps. Some are state-run boot camps which are substitutes for juvenile jail or prison boot camps. Others are privately run, each facility being different in many ways.

Typically, privately owned boot camps have a greater affect on teenagers. Surprisingly, the recidivism rate of juveniles who attend state-run boot camps has been said to be as high as 94%, while overall privately owned boot camps have a much lower rate. Boot camps can also be long-term (military-based boarding schools) or short-term boot camps (summer boot camps).

Privately owned boot camps and troubled teen schools will typically range in price from $4,000 to $9,000 per month. Some offer different types of financial aid such as a student loan. Monthly payments can be as low as $400 per month.

Teen boot camps and Schools

cadets at boot camp     Drill Sergeants and Cadet At one of our boot camps
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Many people ask "what about TV boot camps or GOVERNMENT SPONSORED PROGRAMS?" The truth is they are almost non-existent. TV boot camps are mainly for entertainment purposes only, and if you can actually get in contact with one of them, you probably have a 1 in 1,000 chance of getting in. There are no government sponsored programs besides prison boot camps or juvenile jail that we know of. We DO NOT have FREE boot camps and we have never heard of free boot camps.

Parents may say, "What else is there?" The answer is that there are many other options, and we can help you find them. Whether it be teen boot camps or troubled teen boarding schools, military schools, wilderness programs, etc., we will work with you to find the program that is best for your teen. Get Help! See your Options! Click here today to talk with someone about your options or fill out the contact form

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